Late in the year 2013………………………………………

December 2nd, 2013


After a long spell away from my thoughts and ponderings on the subject of nothing in particular at all, I have decided to wipe the slate clean and reinvent the process I call ” Life according to Mark G”. That’s right folks its a new beginning for my blog, column or perhaps dribble based on the life experiences of myself and others.

I have removed all of the posts previously cluttering this blog and decided that each year is a new, start therefore it shall be! In life we hold dear all of the things that stimulate our minds and general existence, I for one am approaching my golden years and my priorities change.

In my opinion we tend to live life in cycles as we age and meet new friends and challenges and with this the need for belonging varies. I am talking about the days on the beach and the new friends made through this wonderful world of “Lifeguarding”.

We choose to give our life to others so that they may be safe in our environment that is the beach, the need to explain what we do doesn’t exist as we just do it because we can. I think with Christmas fast approaching we should take a minute to realise what we do for others every single year. It is not about the commercial reality that is Christmas nor is it the buying of physical gifts, its the gift of life that each and every lifeguard gives from year to year.

The moral of this one folks is a collection of simple thoughts based on giving, sharing and belonging, the things that we do and believe in are the most important of all as they portray who we are and what we do. Lifeguards around the world celebrate your Christmas with a smile on your face and remember each and every day you set foot on the beach is a gift to others from yourself.

Merry Christmas one and all.

Mark G